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Poison City is an independent record label, distributor and skateboard/ music store based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Track Name: Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction, here’s what it means to me;
Uncomfortable, uncomfortable ignore those don’t touch me’s.
Packs in cars, packs in bars and staring in the street
AVO’s, big black eyes from nice guys, nice guys, nice guys, nice guys.
Erectile dysfunction, what’s wrong with you is wrong with me.
Ascribe some set behaviours that enforce patriarchy.
What’s wrong with you? It’s wrong with me.
What’s wrong with you is wrong with me.
Contact in the office. Who’s that walking past me?
No safe space from threat of rape when you’re walking in the street.
Common law, wolf whistle, out on bail and miserable,
murder murder suicide by nice guys nice guys nice guys nice guys.